Greek honey cookies

Melomakarona recipe (Greek Christmas Honey Cookies)

Melomakarona recipe (Greek Christmas Honey Cookies) – My Greek Dish

A traditional melomakarona recipe! These Greek Christmas honey cookies (melomakarona) are super quick to bake, so much fun to make and highly addictive!

Sticky Greek Honey Cookies (Melomakarona)

Sticky Greek Honey Cookies (Melomakarona) | Bigger Bolder Baking

My Sticky Greek Honey Cookies are sweet, super soft and cakey, crunchy with nuts, and wonderfully sticky — and a wonderful holiday cookie.

Traditional Greek Honey Cookies (Melomakarona)

Traditional Greek Honey Cookies (Melomakarona) – Real Greek Recipes

These Greek Honey Cookies are flavored with cinnamon, cloves and orange. Soaked in syrup and drizzled with honey and walnuts. A Traditional Christmas sweet.

Melomakarona: Authentic Greek Christmas Honey Cookies

Melomakarona: Greek Christmas Honey Cookies

Melomakarona, the most popular Greek Christmas Cookie! Juicy aromatic cookies with a hint of cinnamon and orange drenched in a honey syrup and topped crushed walnuts. Get the authentic step by step recipe for this juicy, decadent and delicious Greek Christmas honey cookie.



Akis’ Greek Christmas honey cookies- Melomakarona

Akis’ Greek Christmas honey cookies- Melomakarona | Akis Petretzikis

Aki’s Greek Christmas Honey Cookies- Melomakarona – by Greek chef Akis Petretzikis. Wonderful aromatic, spiced cookies with honey that are like little cakes!

Melomakarona (Greek honey cookies) – Caroline’s Cooking

Melomakarona are a classic Greek cookie, with a gently spiced flavor in the dough and finished by dipping them in honey syrup. They’re tasty little bites!

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